• Soak and Dry 25 Litre Refill pack

Our soak and dry 25 litre refil pack is designed for commercial and hospitality insect and mosquito repellent treatments. This large volume treatment solution is ideal for high volume industries where there is a regular supply of material such as bedding in need of treatment.

A 25 litre refill pack will treat 5,000 kilograms of textiles – including, bedding, clothing and all other textiles.

One 5ml fill will provide coverage to 1kilogramm of dry textiles – bed sheets, clothing, sleeping bags etc. 

Each 5ml fill requires 5litres of water and should be soaked for a minimum of 10 minutes. Treated textiles need to be left to dry and then they are ready for use. 

Each insect repellent fabric treatment will last for 20 washes or 90 days. 

The purpose of this pack is either to refill the multiuser pack or to handle laundry sized washes. 

Soak and dry is also effective to inhibit the breeding of hazardous bacteria and mould, suppress odour, prevent degradation and discoloration of fabric due to bacterial and fungal growth

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Soak and Dry 25 Litre Refill pack

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